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All referrals to the school will be made by the Local Authority on behalf of learners who have an Education, Health and Care Plan for Social, Emotional and Mental Health Disturbance.


Bradford’s Special Education Needs Service (SEN) will do this following assessment procedures outlined in the 1993 Education Act.  Referral information to the school will include the Education, Health and Care Plan, with additional specialist professional reports as appropriate.


 An offer of a place will be based on the following relevant information:.


  • Copy of Education, Health and Care Plan for Social, Emotional and Mental Health Disturbance Information provided during Statutory Assessment
  • A robust assessment of need, including risk assessment where required.
  • Previous educational records
  • School is confident that it can meet the needs of the individual learner
  • Learner and family agreeing to the placement


We want to be confident that we can meet the needs of all learners.  However, there will be some individuals for whom the school will not be suitable, those with autism for example, or others with complex needs that the school is unable to meet.  In this instance SEN will seek to place those learners in a more appropriate setting.


For information about matters relating to SEN, please contact the SEN Team on 01274 435750.


Alternatively, you can contact SENDISS Team on 01274 513300





  • We take all matters of Learner Protection extremely seriously
  • Our comprehensive Learner Protection Policy is designed to provide information and guidance for parents or carers on the procedures we follow in relation to safeguarding
  • Concerns about Learner Protection should be directed to our ‘Named Person’ - Joanne Taylor
  • All our staff have extensive training in Learner Protection
  • Those responsible for recruitment have completed ‘Safer Recruitment’ training
  • All allegations will be reported to the Local Area Designated Officer (LADO)
  • All confidential documents relating to Learner Protection are stored securely and are only accessible by the ‘Named Person’ and Senior Leaders of the school
  • Team Teach trained




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