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Oastlers Careers Strategy

September 2019

Our strategy is aligned to the key principles of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, that provide the foundation for our programme of career education. Implementation of this programme will start in September 2019, its aim will be to allow our learners and their parents and carers the opportunity to make well-informed decisions about education, training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

Our programme will be clearly set out on the school’s website and promoted through newsletters and bespoke engagement with stakeholders. Learners will discuss the programme in student council and parents be will given an opportunity to understand how the programme will work across each year group.

Existing employers’ links will be maintained and developed alongside engagement with new employers, they will understand exactly what to expect, how their contributions fit in and how they will benefit.

Our careers programme will be designed annually with termly reviews to the Governing Body, it will link directly into the school’s development plan and be part of the school’s review process. We will seek regular and systematic feedback from learners, parents, teachers and employers to help inform development of the programme and the ongoing experience for all stakeholders.

We will by working with stakeholders such as the LEP to have access to labour market opportunities. Our aim in 2019/20 is ensure by the age of 14, all students have accessed and used information about career paths and the local labour market to inform the start of their decision-making process.

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