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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Business Studies




There is a great opportunity to link the world of work through our GCSE Business Studies option to the wider strategic work with employers. These same employers that visit school and support our careers strategy are also happy to contextualise their environment by helping translate the Business Studies curriculum into real life situations.


Our intent is to motivate and encourage learners to engage with the key aspects of the subject through a wide range of interactions, some that will be classroom based, others that connect with businesses across a number of sectors. These will include those with ethical and environmental aims such as the social enterprise and voluntary sectors.


The AQA syllabus will provide a number of opportunities for cross curricula activity such as links to maths to engagement with the creative arts, as we explore market and customer engagement. Learners will be challenged by a combination of innovation and experiential learning across the syllabus, making this subject relevant to their journey through school and helping them develop a wider understanding of the world they will ultimately transition into.




Our offer is underpinned by the AQA Business Studies GCSE framework:


  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on business
  • Human resources
  • Operations management
  • Marketing
  • Finance


Engaging in the business community will be a key strategy. We will use work place visits to highlight topics such as operations management to include a wide range of activities and production processes. Learners will meet the people who specialise in these areas to give depth and structure to their studies. There are a number of links to the Gatsby Benchmarks, any employer engagement in school will be utilised to introduce learners to new concepts and sectors, continually building their knowledge and understanding of the local and regional economy.




Initially the aim will be for learners to engage and start to develop confidence in this new subject. Not only is this an opportunity to build their knowledge of business it is also a chance to experience a number of sectors that could ultimately shape their own transition from our school.


The chance to engage in the workplace meeting people with a passion for their own industries will hopefully inspire our learners and introduce them to some positive role models, on their way to achieving successful GCSE outcomes in Business Studies.




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