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Oastlers School Vision Statement for Media Studies




To offer our learners a differentiated and engaging GCSE program of learning that deals with the content, history, and effects of various media; in particular- mass media.  Media studies may draw on traditions from both the social sciences and the humanities, but mostly from its core disciplines of English and communication studies, communication sciences, and ICT.




Our learners will explore areas including digital technology, music and sound recording, sequencing, film, television, advertising and mastering key media terminology and vocabulary. Alongside the practical elements of the course, learners will spend time using digital and ICT software in a variety of contexts as each section of the course is covered and develop an understanding of the history of media and media production. All these skills are covered in the WJEC Level 2 Media Studies course that learners are able to study, as an option, at KS4.


Ever-advancing media technologies in the ever-growing digital world and world industry mean there is a demand for people with the skills to work on developing the next generation of digital film and audio production, such as various educational and social media websites.


The course details how media, producers and innovators create the world around us and adapt the media that we listen and see in our everyday lives. Learners will also cover live music production and product design.


Music technology is popular and widely used in the media and film industry.   Our learners will be introduced to technical skills such as recording and digital media development, audio theory and technology used in various media genres.


Learners on the course will focus on popular music, film theory and practice and develop a skill set to work in this exciting and rewarding industry. The focus is very much on our learners acquiring and understanding key media terms and techniques and using practical skills to develop their own media production.   Learners will be offered the opportunity to produce a media presentation and production of their own work in any particular area of media that may interest them and submit their own coursework for 30% of their overall GCSE award.


Our goal to prepare our learners for exciting careers in the media industry and to embrace the wide range of opportunities that the media offers in an ever-changing, 21st. century world, such as audio and sound production, TV and film production and the development of digital technology at home, school and in the work environment.




The impact of the WJEC Media Studies GCSE qualification is to achieve a Level 2 Award.  From here learners may move onto a Post 16 destination and continue to study at a higher level or work within the media, film, music or digital technology industry.  Additionally, the course will add value to learners on a personal, social and moral level, equipping them with a deeper understanding of how the media influences and changes the world they inhabit.




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