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Oastlers School Vision Statement for our Primary Curriculum (Year 7 & Year 8)


To enable a nurturing and supportive transition allowing learners to take risks with their learning in a secure and supportive environment.


We provide a rich curriculum that fills gaps in prior learning. It recognises and meets the individual needs of each learner. It allows access to a wealth of knowledge and experiences which empowers them to develop confidence, skills and key vocabulary and provide a solid foundation for success along the GCSE pathways.


Our approach focuses on quality first teaching and learning, so all learners have the ability and opportunity to access a broad and balanced curriculum with experiential learning at its core. The learners study core subjects, humanities and PSHRE within the safe and nurturing environment of their own classroom base with familiar staff. The learners also access the wider curriculum in the specialist areas within the school.

A thematic approach enables the learners to connect, consolidate and develop knowledge and extend their own vocabulary and comprehension. Our themes centre around a breadth of texts and genres from which the learners produce a range of different types of writing and plays. These themes form the basis for the curriculum to allow a deeper learning experience and to embed skills, knowledge and understanding.

All learners are actively encouraged to explore and express their own opinions appropriately, which enables them to become independent and creative thinkers.


The impact of the above will provide all learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to securely transition to the next stage of their learning journey. They will have greater fluency in their reading supporting a rich vocabulary allowing them to access the broad curriculum and will be able to question and interpret information.

All learners will be able to apply skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to the wider world. The breadth, balance and challenge will embrace all learners so they can make positive contributions to Oastlers and the wider community.

All learners will transition to the next phase with the confidence and independence to feel safe, secure and successful.

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